Gladiator Arena Mode Story

Gladiator Arena Mode Story

The universe in the 3000s was magnificent, with so many planets and stars. But then, suddenly, the galaxy collapsed! Doomsday in the 31st century came unexpectedly!

Everything suddenly fell into disrepair, like returning to the stone age. All the planets with life in the galaxy suddenly experienced catastrophic destruction that no one could have imagined.

But fortunately, in the universe, there are always scattered space rescue stations available to prevent incidents‌. And thanks to that, it was possible to save some people. But it will not be possible to survive in this chaotic era. They must stand up to fight for the survival of themselves and their fellow human beings, and of course, both on producing the implementation of economic and financial activities to build a powerful space city of theirs own.

Only when fully equipped with everything, including a powerful army, they can conquer the great universe once again!

Of course, everything starts from nothing. They go step by step to fight, collect and exploit space resources, rebuild space cities, and create beautiful planets for themselves and their fellows. Once again, they rebuilt a prosperous and beautiful Adroverse galaxy. That’s how the legends of the heroes of the Adroverse began…

There are still many mysteries in the Adroverse galaxy that no one has discovered yet, but only one thing all new races know is the existence of ADD - an extremely precious and rare gem does not know has existed in this place ever since. It’s known that the more ADD one possesses, the stronger and more resilient than ever. If it reaches a certain climax, maybe immortality will be natural.

If any army possesses this special ability from this ADD gem, that army will surely become invincible.

Therefore, since the beginning of this Adroverse galaxy, the factions fought and capture ADD extremely cruelly.

From that point on, the Adroverse galaxy became the arena of all wars.

Sure enough, in each match, there is only one winner!

Throughout the metaverse’s many evolutionary eras, players will be led through a variety of interesting scenarios with stage-specific focuses. Unlike other metaverse simulation games, the evolutionary eras of the Adroverse metaverse are tied to the evolution of the game in real life.

Players will be accompanied as a leader leading, deploying their army with an unbreakable formation to fight their opponents. The bloody and vital combats will be shown in each battle. Who wins in each battle certainly depends on the smart mind of each player.

The Adroverse Gladiator Arena has a diverse and tactical gameplay thanks to the contrast between the roles such as protector, fighter, and caster; the basic stats of the generals; the special skills, these three factors make each match more unpredictable and exciting than ever.