How Adroverse economy is inflation-free>

How Adroverse economy is inflation-free>

In most online games that allow trading between players, it is common for the in-game currency (gold, diamonds, tokens, etc.) to depreciate over time. It is supposed that inflation is an almost unavoidable component of an economy. However, the citizens of the Adroverse galaxy will have a hedge against the effects of inflation on the general economy.

1. The root cause of inflation in game


Economically, the game has many similarities with the real world. When the amount of currency in the game is generated continuously and easily earned by players, the devaluation of the currency is inevitable.   

The boom and strong growth of the game in the early days created an illusion of prosperity for players by continuously issuing tokens. Following, the traders try to push the value up. After a period of operation, the booming on the first day has also cooled down and the value of the game is evaluated carefully leading to a drop in the value of currency in the game.


Therefore, game designers will have to calculate very carefully to balance the amount of currencies generated in the game and the process of using them by gamers to ensure the safety of the game economy.


2. How does Adroverse curb inflation in the economy?


Adroverse’s Game developer acts as a central banker making adjustments to control variables within its gaming platform. There are three factors that help the Adroverse galaxy to keep inflation under control. 


Firstly, the number of gladiator cards in each season are limited to 2 million cards. The gladiator cards in Adroverse are divided into five rarity levels representing the strength of gladiators which are common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Moreover, each rarity level has 5 fusion levels also. 


Secondly, these gladiator cards will have a life cycle, which is determined either by time or battle count. Based on its rarity and fusion level, the card has a different lifespan. The gladiator cards will be “retired” when the conditions are matched. Only cards at level 5 fusion can be immortal. 


Finally, 1 point of energy - stamina point - is restored every 30 minutes. No matter if players win or lose, complete or not complete the match, energy points will still be lost by 1 when the player chooses to start the match. Therefore,  players can only play a maximum of 48 matches in a day.


In conclusion, as the tight control over each player's card count, life cycle and battle energy, the total supply of diamonds in the Adroverse galaxy is a limited number for each season. In principle, Diamonds will only be transferred from one player to another and not created. As a result, Adroverse is able to build an inflation-free economy.