How Adroverse is special

How Adroverse is special

Among the countless Metaverse game genres on the market today, Adroverse is emerging as a name that attracts the attention of many investors. Adroverse is considered an NFT game project that promises to explode in the future. What makes Adroverse special in the eyes of investors and gamers?

An anti-inflation economy   

The first thing that sets Adroverse apart from other similar projects related to Metaverse is its anti-inflation. In particular, ADR tokens are designed to experience predictable and low rates of inflation.   

Not following the mechanism of injecting trillions of tokens and diamonds, Adroverse built a guaranteed hedge against inflation. The quantity of common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary cards are fixed in circulation. Moreover, these cards also have lifetime until they are upgraded into level 5.    

By controlling the number of cards and their lifecycle, Adroverse will build an inflation-free economy. As the increased demand, the value of ADR tokens will continuously grow, hence, the gamers will receive huge profits due to the controlled supply.    

The pool reward up to 80% game revenue  

Over the next 3 to 10 years, the Adroverse aspires to be a transparent and sustainable game for players. As a result, the team is working to establish trust in the project among those who invest, play games, and conduct business.   

The team's goal is to be entirely transparent about all project revenue generated through activities and bring as much value as possible to the player. The total pool reward is divided into three categories: Match bonus fund, Ranked mode fund, Lucky Jackpot. Evidently, Adroverse set out 80% of total game revenue for pool reward. This is indeed a number that few NFT game projects dare to promise to players.   

3. Multiple ways for token-earning & rewards  

The method of token-earning in Adroverse is diverse. Thanks to a sustainable designed economy, players can earn long-term profits in various ways whether they play free or pro, win or lose. In fact, Adroverse  does not guide gamers to focus on making money, instead, experience playing games with attractive METAs and earning in balance.   

A common way to play Adroverse is to start investing in ADR tokens or trading card assets which obviously generate an extremely attractive return in the future. Moreover, the play and earn mechanism gives players lots of tokens and NFT cards by winning matches and being in the top ranking board of the game for both pro and free gamers monthly. In addition, fusion to a better card can be exchange at better price on Marketplace   

Finally, Adroverse applies a special mechanism to help gamers quickly earn huge profits, which is to win the jackpot and receive cash rewards. The tickets will be distributed for free after each battle match. If there is no Jackpot winning ticket, the amount will be accumulated for the next Jackpot draw. Thus, when luck comes, the player will definitely receive a huge reward.