So as to keep Adroverse to continue on a long-run journey, our team is trying to keep the game economy balance at its finest. One of the base mechanisms is Supply Control.


Recently in the GameFi industry, there have been quite a few games lost their economic balance despite excellent gameplay and widespread support from the player community. This is why the Adroverse team is trying to learn from their mistakes and figure out the most appropriate solution for ABA Economy.

We’ve come up with a way to control the total supply in the ABA economy, meaning that the total number of cards published is limited. That being said, in the future, more cards can still be added to the economy by the DAO system.

Apart from that, by limiting the supply source, it will eventually create scarcity within the community as demand for cards continues to grow (to fuse and get stronger gladiators, to fill in a specific role in team battle strategy, to fulfill collections,...). This then drives the price higher, resulting in massive profits for early investors, cardholders, and so on.

Additionally, all other available in-game elements are also bounded by this supply control mechanism, including cards' Life Points, the number of Revival Potions, the amount of reward each card can produce during its life cycle, etc.

With multiple control mechanisms over the supply chain, Adroverse is confident that we can ensure a long-term economy with low inflation.